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Locarts is an app designed for artists who want a more professional platform. It's similar to social media in the aspect that you can post things and view other peoples profiles, but it differs a bit. Not only can you post your work but you can also upload your professional resume and have your own personal commissions area. With an small fee you can also unlock the stores page and sell your work.


For this research I did a card sorting that took about 1 min to complete to see how people will organize a navigation bar. This helped me to identify how I can customize my own navigation without confusing users.


To create the concept of this site, I started off with rough sketches of the wireframes until I was happy with the layout of my design. I then took pictures of each sketch and uploaded them to marvel to create a mock-up prototype. here's is how they would look on a mobile device.




Log in and find your store page then test AR mode

Test Scenario 1

Had 3 testers to try this out and all of them were able to get it once they realized what 'AR' is.


Log in and use the search tool then click someone's profile

Test Scenario 2

Testers quickly found the search tool and were able to use it accordingly 


log in and ask for a commission from someone

Test Scenario 3

Testers took a little bit to find but found it without to much of a problem.


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