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For this project we had to create a website for a ghost tour business called “Silver Ghost Tours”. I started off making a project calendar to keep track of what we need to do each week. Here are some examples of my Sitemap and Wireframes



I attribute my interest in blade smithing to a combination of sources. My family has a strong background in art, silversmithing, and sword collecting.  I have always loved working with my hands. These influences came together to spark my interest in forging.  Before long I had constructed my own forge and anvil from concrete blocks and an old section of railroad track. Not long after,  I got in touch with local blade smith, Alex Ruiz. He showed me the ropes, offered me a real forge and anvil, and since then I’ve been hooked.

I am a 22 year old, full time, Texas knifemaker. I offer performance oriented knives at an affordable price, without compromising aesthetics. Every knife I create is crafted by my hand, from the blade you use, to the sheath that holds it. I consider every knife I make more than just a tool, it’s a piece of artwork that I put my soul into.

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